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She's Royal Skin

Tumeric Bar Soap

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Our Turmeric Soap is a brightening, detox cleansing bar. Good for dull, uneven skin or persons looking to treat acne. 



  • Improve Skin Texture
  • Younger, Brighter Complexion
  • Fade Post-Breakout inflammation
  • Reduce Sun Damage and Dark Spots
  • Treats acne 


coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin , shea butter, turmeric powder, purified water, sodium hydroxide , sorbitol, propylene glycol , sorbitan oleate , oat protein , citrus essential oils, titanium dioxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jakyvia Keyonna
Turmeric Bar Soap

This soap is what I call “Ol Faithful” I always come back to this soap after trying over the counter products. This soap never fail me & clear my hyperpigmentation within 3-4 weeks. I gave 4 stars because I wish the bar was its original rectangle size back when I first started using, iykyk (:


I’ve been using it for about five days the difference is unbelievable I can’t say if I’m 100%, sold I have to see you know when I have finished product right now I can tell you that this soap is great

kiyannah Edwards
i love itt!!

i love this soap you’ll immediately see a difference after like a week. my skin looks and feels so good . if you stay consistent you’ll see a difference. Use it every day and night

Krystian Powell

Great products


I only received half of my order, I reached out immediately to inform the seller but no response. I proceeded to send a follow up email a few days go and still no response. Not the best service